Outlook - security certificate issues


If you are constantly getting a warning or notice like the above when using Outlook (typically Outlook 2016) you will need to follow these steps in order to fix the issue. You will be able to complete these steps yourself but if you run into trouble you can call us on 0800 887 269 and we can help you out.

  1. Open Outlook and click 'File' and go to 'Account Settings'
  2. Select 'Account', then 'Repair', and then 'Advanced Options'
  3. Select 'Let me repair my account manually' and then 'Repair'
  4. Enter as the incoming mail server
  5. Expand 'Outgoing Mail' and enter as this server
  6. Select 'Next' and then 'Done'

Trying to repair the settings without selecting 'Let me repair my account manually' will automatically enter the incorrect settings, overriding the correct ones.

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