Embed a YouTube video on your webpage

The following steps will show you how to embed a video from YouTube into your website.

It's generally a good idea to ask for permission first if the video is not your own.

To upload a video to YouTube you first need to have a Google account (or Gmail). Follow their guide on uploading videos. When you reach the step for setting the privacy level think about whether you want the video to be found by just anybody on YouTube (public), or if you want it only to be viewed by those who have the link or view it while embedded on your website (unlisted). 

Embedding the video

Log into your admin, and choose the page you would like to add a video to.


Write up a wee description of the video. You can also put a title in (highlight the text, click the drop-down ‘format’ and choose a heading).


Click the ‘Source’ button. The text will look a bit different but nothing to worry about. Here <br /> is a placeholder for a new line (pressing the ‘enter’ key).

Click the spot where the arrow below is pointing to. This is where we’ll put our first video.


Go to the YouTube page of your video and click the ‘Share’ button below the video, then click ‘Embed’.


Highlight ALL of the text – if you miss any at the start or the end it will not work.


Right-click and choose ‘Copy’.


Go back to your website admin and paste in the copied text in the place we selected before. You can do this by right-clicking the place and choosing ‘paste’.


Clicking the ‘Source’ button again will show the text normally, and you’ll also be able to see the video placed between the text.


Toggle the switch to ‘Yes – Published’ and save changes! You can now view your changes (button at the top in your admin navigation bar).


Here’s what it looks like! 


If you get stuck at any stage give Turboweb a call on 0800 887 269 or email through to and we'll get you sorted.

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