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An image is worth a thousand words, and your Simple Web Manager website will likely have a page to showcase photographs relating to your organisation.

The Gallery page is set up from the Pages Module, but photos must be uploaded into Albums in the Gallery Module.  Click here for how to Add Photos to Albums in the Gallery Module.

In the Pages Module, you can arrange the order of your Gallery Page.  In the figure below, the Gallery is in fourth place.Gallery_1.PNG


This is the Gallery Edit Page in the Pages Module.  The upper, title section of your Gallery Page is edited from here.  You can add an introduction paragraph or instructions on how to view more images in each album.

Any images you upload in this section will show in the title section.

Generally, the title section will not be changed often once it's set up, and you would upload images, or swap out old photos through the Gallery Module albums.



How To Add A New Photos To Albums In The Gallery

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