Get Google Analytics For Your SWM Website

You must have an email address associated with Google and Gmail to log into Google Analytics (GA)

If you don't have Gmail, you'll need to get this sorted first.  

It's best to set up a separate business Gmail account, instead of using your personal Gmail, as the GA code tied to that Gmail account will be specific to your business website.  This way, if you ever sell the business, the website and associated GA code can be transferred together.

Your website needs to be live for GA to work. As soon as it is launched you can start collecting data.

The Simple Web Manager (SWM) has a built-in interface for GA.

In your SWM admin, go to Settings > Google



You will need to input your Google Analytics tracking ID in here once you have it.



Sign Up For A Google Analytics Account.

Log in to Google Analytics on and click on 'Sign Up'.


Set up the Account Name for your Google Analytics account.  This is associated with your Gmail login, but you can have more than one website attached to the account.

Enter a name for the website you want to track.

Select HTTPS and then copy and paste your website URL (website address) minus the prefix, e.g. ''.  Make sure you're tracking your live website, not the simpleweb.demo site. 



Select a category for your website business, and choose your time zone.

Scroll to the bottom of the page.  Leave all the Data Sharing Settings on default (all ticked).

Click on 'Get Tracking ID'.

Set your country for the correct 'Terms of Service', and accept the terms to continue.

The Tracking Info screen will appear.  Copy your Tracking ID starting with 'UA-...' and paste it into the Google module on your SWM Administration>Settings


Paste only the UA# code, and click 'Save Changes'.



On Google Analytics, your Admin>Property>Tracking Info screen should now show Status 'Receiving...'


If you need any further help, please email or call 0800 887 269




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