About Us Page

This page is all about your business or organisation, and the people behind it.  

It's made up of two sections - the company or organisation profile, and the team members or staff.

The title section of the About Us page is edited from the Pages Module. Your company or organisation profile is usually written here. You can add photos for your business to the content, as in other pages.

Employee photos and profiles are added and edited from the Team Module. This allows employee profile changes to be made without accidentally affecting your company profile.



Edit the Title Section of About Us from the Pages Module

On the Pages menu, select the edit icon for the About page. The following box will appear where you can enter the information about your company.



 Add Or Edit a Team Member Profile from the Team Module



 In the Team Module, you can add, delete or edit team member profiles.  Only 'published' profiles will show on your website.

Each profile has a text caption section, and you can upload an image of the member.  It's important for all the images to be of the same size and quality to look good on your website.

Note: The size limit for image uploads is 10MB.  Any image files larger than this will return an error message.



Team Module: Adding Team Members

If you would like help with writing up your team profiles, check out our Content Writing Service.

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