Add a New Banner Image or Edit an Existing One

If your website has one or more banners, you may want to add a new image from time to time.

1.  In your Simple Web Manager Administration, click on the Banners Module.



2.  You will see the list of all the web pages where you already have banners, click Edit on an existing banner.

Note: Using 'Add Banner' here adds a banner to the top of another web page. Generally, once your website design is set, you would not be adding extra banners to other pages.



3.  You will see a list of your existing banners.  Click on Add Banner to add a new image.



 4.  Add a title, and upload a new image.  If the image is too small, you will get a warning message that the image is not of sufficient quality.  You can upload an image that is larger than required, and resize it after uploading

If you do not have the button with the three dots (shown in the image below) and instead just have a button that says 'Remove' give us a call on 0800 887 269 to see if you need this added for you.

Publish the image if you want it to show on your website immediately, and remember to Save Changes.

WARNING: Uploading a file other than a gif, png, or jpg can break your Banners Module!




Having too many published images on your rotating banner can slow down your website.  Try to keep to under ten images or so.

You can have unpublished images saved in the Banners Module.  The images will be there for future use, but will not show on your website.

If you need help, email us at, or phone 0800 TURBOWEB


Add a Clickable Link to your Banner


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