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News can be added to your site and is an effective way to keep your website fresh and interesting for internet search engine optimisation (SEO). When writing stories, aim to include keywords in the title and description to feed the search engine.  For example, "New Grey Concrete Bricks Just In" is better than "New Product".

The latest news items are shown in the News Teaser on your homepage (depending on your website design this could be up to two or three).

As you add more news the older items will disappear from your News Teaser. They are archived but still accessible from the site map at the bottom of your website.

What is news?

News is generally something that has happened already. Examples of news are things like “New Product Available”, or "New Project - Time Lapse Video" and include a video. Local or industry news relevant to your business may also be interesting to your readers.  Occasionally you may want to promote a future event by saying “Tickets on sale next week”.

Examples of good news items can seem mundane and at first uninteresting to you but your audience might love it.  For example, you have just completed a big project, you have a new employee, your seminar was a roaring success or you had a record number of customers.  All these give a great sense of action and life.

To add News to your website:

1. Go to Admin and click News. From here you will be able to add, edit and delete news items. 


2. To create a new News Item, click 'Add News Item'. Here, you can add a title, date to show the news item, and story description. Use the editing toolbar above the 'Description' box for formatting.  Keep keywords for SEO in mind when writing.  Click here to see how to link to a newsletter or include a video in your news story.

You can add an image relating to your news by clicking on 'Add Image'. The size limit for images is 10MB. Larger images will return an error message. You cannot upload any non-image files here. This includes PDFs and Word doc files. If you have an image in a PDF you can try converting it using an online tool. Otherwise, you can link to the file as a download.


3. Don't forget to toggle 'Published' and save your changes!


Send Function In The News Module

The News Module is not meant to be a newsletter, but to publish short news items frequently to update your website. Sending out single news items at a time too often can be irritating to customers, and could get your email marked as spam!

However, if you're publicising a new catalogue or newsletter, you can link to the PDF file as part of a news item, and then 'Send' it out as an email your subscribers.

Remember, images added to the news item will not be emailed to subscribers.  If you would like to include images, they must be in the linked PDF files.



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