Is Your Banner Resizing Function Turned On?

Simple Web Manager now includes a Banner Resizing Function so banner images can be resized after uploading.

Older websites may not have this function activated yet.  Here's how to check if the banner resizing function is turned on for your website.

1. Banner size always appears in brackets next to the banner name after uploading.  Resizing function is probably turned OFF for your website.



2. Resizing function definitely turned OFF - after uploading a banner image, 'Remove' appears in the Edit Banner box, instead of the resize button.  



3.  Resizing function definitely turned ON for your website. After uploading a banner image, the resize button with three dots appears on the image.



Give us a call at Turboweb on 0800 887 269 if your banner resizing function is not active, and you would like to have it turned on.

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